Rui Paiva


He graduated in Economics from ISEG, Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, University of Lisbon. He was a Monitor in the 5th year and taught Political Economy until 1979, when he left for Macau.

Post-graduation “Modern China”, with 17 values, at the Instituto Superior de Ciências e Política, (ISCSP).

He was the First Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the China Observatory.

Member of the Advisory Board of Instituto Confúcio de Lisboa.

Director of Millennium bcp, with 30 years of banking, and between 1982 and 1997 held functions associated with the International Banking area.
Since 2001 he has been Curator of the Collection and manager of the Artistic Heritage of Millennium bcp.

Directed by Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes, SNBA, where he was President of the Fiscal Council between 2003 and 2012.

He worked in the Macao Government, starting as a civil servant with the Macao and Hong Kong banks, (for 13 years over the period 1979-1994).

Among others, the creation of the Internal Trade Division / Head of the Foreign Trade Division, Export Promotion and Inspection of Economic Activities.

In the field of Cooperation, it organizes and presents in person, on behalf of the Government of Macau, at the Embassies of the Portuguese-speaking countries in Lisbon, Cooperation Protocols, adapted to the characteristics of each country.

He has been involved in banking since 1982, when he joined the staff of Banco Português do Atlântico, being attached to the International Division – International Credit Bureau in Lisbon.

Banking in Macao and Hong Kong: Between 1988 and 1994 in the East, he was a member of BPA in Macao, and of BNU in Macao and Hong Kong.

Participation in lectures at several Universities in Lisbon and Coimbra.

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