Renato Pereira

Renato Pereira


The Research Group Economic Spaces and Resources Management is based on the close connection between economic issues and analysis of international realities.

Based on a highly interdisciplinary work, has as its central objective the study of the process of economies’ internationalization, their interdependencies and its various impacts and challenges, with emphasis, of course, for these dimensions of Portuguese and European economies, as well as the study of the political importance of some strategic resources in the international arena.

The vast majority of the projects and activities are developed with partner, Portuguese and foreign institutions.


Responses to Climate Change: Improuving Quality of live (QoL) over time in Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe

Brígida Brito.Partnership with the University of Cape Verde and MAR, the NGO of São-Tomé and Príncipe “Mar Ambiente e Pesca Artesanal” (MARAPA).
Project submitted to the 2nd joint FCT and Aga Khan Development Network project competition.

Economic Transatlantic Relations within the context of the diminishing centrality of the Atlantic

Coord. Giuseppe Ammendola.
– AMMENDOLA, G., Brexit, The European Union, and Globalization – Political and Economic Perspectives. Lisboa: OBSERVARE, 2019.

Economic Transatlantic Relations within the context of the diminishing centrality of the Atlantic

Coord. Renato Pereira.


Sustainability and the new paradigms of International Economy

Coord. Sandra Ribeiro.


The new financial context: Fintech and Cryptomoedas

Coord. Luís Miguel Gonçalves  and María del Mar Miralles Quirós. In partnership with Universidad de Extremadura – Spain.


Ecological European Networks and Portuguese Protected Areas – Impact evaluation

Coord. Brígida Brito.


The presence of Multilatinas in Portugal: History and Business Strategy

Coord. Nancy Gomes and Filipe Vasconcelos Romão.


China-Latin America: economic and trade relations
Emerging Economies and Energy Resources
Drug economy and transnational financial crime
European Economy and Transatlantic Relations: innovation, trade and entrepreneurial
Production and distribution companies as instruments of state power: the cases of GALP in Portugal, Petrobras in Brazil, YPF in Argentina and Sonangol in Angola


Internationalization of the Portuguese Economy
The European Economy in the framework of the World Economy
Power and Energy Resources


Renato Pereira (Coord.)
Amparo Sereno
Amadeu Paiva
Ana Quaresma
Anilza Tricamegy
Brígida Brito
Duarcides Mariosa
Filipa Gomes
Giuseppe Ammendola
Gustavo Furini
Henrique Morais
José Beato Aleixo
José Brás dos Santos
Leonel Miranda
Luis Miguel Gonçalves
Manuel Farto
Maria Helena Curto
Mateus Kowalsky
Miguel Santos Neves
Mattia G. Barbera
Patrícia Galvão Teles
Pedro Pinto
Redendo Carlos Maia
René Tapia
Rui Paiva
Sandra Ribeiro

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