Lucas G. Freire

PhD Researcher

He holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Exeter and a Master’s degree in International Relations from the same institution, where he taught until 2013.

Researcher at OBSERVARE and Associate at Kirby Laing Institute (, here involved in a project on Christianity and the European Union.

His research emphasizes meta-theory issues in the discipline of RI. He has written on normative issues including religion, limited government and civil liberties. In addition to these themes, his current interest in empirical research is the role of diplomacy in the ancient Near East.

He is co-author, together with Luís Moita and José Subtil, of the book Do Império ao Estado: Morfologias do Sistema Internacional (Lisbon: OBSERVARE/EDIUAL, 2013) and co-editor, together with Leonardo Ramos, of a collection of political essays written by Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977), released in Brazil.

He taught in Brazil – at the ontifícia Universidade Católica of Minas Gerais, where he became an RI bachelor in 2006. He also graduated in Economic Sciences from the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Participates in several journalistic projects. He is the general editor of Política Reformada, which interprets Brazilian politics in the light of a public theology inspired by the work of Johannes Althusius (1563-1638). He is a member of the ThinkIR team of editors, promoting global policy analysis. He wrote for The Debater magazine. It can be followed on Twitter at @althusiast and @KuyperTropical.

He has served as a reviewer for several academic journals, including the European Journal of International Relations and the Journal of Dutch Literature. He is a member of the International Studies Association and the Kuyper Association of Transdisciplinary Studies, among other professional groups. He participated and organized conferences, workshops and international conferences.

Publicações mais recentes

Freire, Lucas G.; Teixeira, Rodrigo Corrêa (2018). “The Amarna Letters: Relations between Polities in the Ancient World”, Estudos Internacionais 6/2: 5-8.

Freire, Lucas G. (2018). “O rei da Assíria deseja ser um grande rei: tradução e comentário à Carta EA15”, Estudos Internacionais 6/2: 30-42.

Freire, Lucas G. (2018). “Arqueologia do antigo Egito: comparando um sítio urbano a um sítio funerário”, Hélade 4/3: 91-98.

Adalı, Selim F.; Freire, Lucas G. (2018). “International Relations Theory and Ancient Near Eastern History”, in Pascal Attinger et al. (eds.) Text and Image: Proceedings of the 61e Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale. Leuven: Peeters, 469-471.

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