Francisco Xavier de Sousa


Born in March 1962, he has a degree in Military Sciences from the Military Academy and a Masters in Peace and War Studies in New International Relations from the Autonomous University of Lisbon. It also has the Senior Staff Courses, taught by the Institute of Higher Military Studies; CIMIC Instructor Course, of the Military Academy; International Humanitarian Law Course, of the International Red Cross; NATO Peace Support Operations Course and NATO Multinational Forces Orientation Course, of the NATO School Oberammergau; National Defence Auditors Course, of the National Defence Institute; and Evaluation in Training Course, of the Institute of Higher Military Studies. In July 2013 he will be qualified with the General Officer Promotion Course, given by the Institute of Higher Military Studies.

In his professional career he performed duties as a staff member and commanded several military units, highlighting the last Battalion that was constituted as a Portuguese Outstanding National Force, in East Timor, under UNMISET. He was a member of the faculty of the Military Academy and the Institute of Higher Military Studies.

He has published several works in national magazines and books, framed in the areas of geopolitics, conflict, leadership and peace support operations.

He has been a lecturer in panels, courses, graduations and masters degrees, developing themes in his areas of interest. Your areas of interest are: The Maghreb, North Africa, the Middle East, geopolitics, conflict and peace support operations.

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