Carlos Pedro Dias


He has a degree in International Relations from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, a postgraduate degree in Sociology of Work and Organizations from ISCSP and a PhD in Communication Sciences from ISCTE-IUL. He attended WAN-IFRA Newsplex in 2005 at the University of South Carolina, USA.

Specialist of recognized experience and professional competence in the area of Information and Journalism, under the terms of Decree-Law No. 206/2009 of 31 August 2009, by the Scientific Council of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.

He started his career in RTP in 1987 and then was one of the founders of SIC in 1992. He was editor, producer, director, journalist, production and direction coordinator and finally general coordinator of SIC Notícias. In parallel he was a trainer at CENJOR, ETIC and RNA – National Radio of Angola and a professor at UAL and the European University (IADE).

He worked as a consultant to the administration of TPA – Public Television of Angola. He was also Program and Information Director on two Portuguese television channels.

Publicações mais recentes

Lopes, Paula; Lourenço, Ana Paula Pinto; Dias, Carlos Pedro (2022). “Children, information and social networks: natives or digital cretins?” In Uso de las Redes Sociales en el Ámbito de la Educomunicación, 291-308. Madrid, Espanha: McGraw Hill.

Tomé, Vítor; Lopes, Paula; Reis, Bruno; Dias, Carlos Pedro. “Prácticas e riesgos de una cultura juvenil digital: el uso de las redes sociales em Portugal, México y Cabo Verde“. In Aproximación Periodística y Educomunicativa al Fenónemo de las Redes Sociales, 809-828. Madrid, Espanha: McGraw Hill, 2020.

Dias, Carlos Pedro; Lourenço, Jaime. “Portuguese International Correspondents: how Covid-19 affected their work”. In Comunicación Especializada: Historia y Realidad Actual. Espanha: McGraw Hill, 2020.

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