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Já estão disponíveis as gravações da 7ª Conferência Internacional sobre Política e Sociedade da Eurásia, organizada pelo CESRAN Internacional, pela Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa e pelo OBSERVARE, que decorreu de 23 a 25 de Setembro de 2020, em Lisboa.
Devido à pandemia COVID19, a conferência foi realizada virtualmente através da transmissão de todas as sessões ao vivo.


// 23 SETEMBRO //

/ 9h30 / – Ver gravação
Sessão de Abertura – José Amado da Silva | Reitor da UAL
Discurso de Keyonte

/ 11h /
PAINEL 1 | Trans-Regional Relations in Inner and Outer Eurasia Ver gravação
Moderação de Ana Mónica Fonseca do CEI-ISCTE, Portugal.

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Aala Gol | CESRAN Intenational, UK // Nottingham University, UK
“Turkey-UK Smart Partnership in the Age of Brexit: Challenges or Global Opportunities in Eurasia?”

Gulsen Seker Aydin | Ataturk University, Turkey
“The Renewal of Dashed Turkish Hopes in Central Asia”

Ramzi Bemdenka | International Islamic University, Malaysia
“Algeria and Russia Relations: Economic Capacities and Cooperation Probabilities”

Brindusa Nicoleta Pincu | Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
“The Effectiveness of the Regional Economic Integration Process: An Assessment of the Comonwealth of Independent States Model”

Mohammed Hashiru & Ozgur Tufekci | Karadeniz Tecnical University, Turkey & CESRAN International, UK
“Hydropolitics of River Nile: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia in Contention”

Sonia Senica | IPRI-NOVA, Portugal
“Has Puttin’s Russia Become Predictable?”

/ 14h30h /
PAINEL 2 | Changing State Structures in Eurasia Ver gravação
Moderação de Sharifullah Dorani do CESRAN International, UK.

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Valentyna Opanasiuk | Sumy State University, Ukraine
“Models and Functions of the State: How the Political Designs are Changed with the Introduction of Information and Communication Variables”

Yasemin Y. Celikkol | University of Pennsylvania, USA
“Vertov’s Three Songs about Lenin: Women, Nation-Building and Soviet Modernity”

Sheirbayev Ozhet | Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
“Comparative Overlook to the Central Asian “Political Transit” Scenarios” Comparative Analysis of Internal Legitimation Strategies of Islam Karimov and Shavkat Miziyoyev: Change and Continuity”

Premystaw Datek | University of Warsaw, Poland
“Building Regional Power: The Economic Modernization of Uzbekistan under Mirziyoyev”

PAINEL 4 | Consolidation and Deterioration of Democracy in Eurasia Ver gravação
Moderação de Nancy Gomes da UAL, Portugal.

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Zachary Kramer | Charles University, Czech Republic
“Stuck in the “Grey Zone”: An fsQCA of Constrained Transition States”

Marina Shentsova | UNECE, Switzerland
“Evolution of Neoliberal Paradigm in CIS States”

Karolina Baraniak | University of Wroctaw, Poland
“The Politics of Historical Memory about the Victims of the Communist Regime (1945-1989) in Contemporary Poland”

Dmytro Khutkyy & Kristina Avramchenko | Malmo University, Sweden & Indipendent Expert, Ukraine
“Socio-political Impact of Participatory Budgeting in Ukraine” Besmir Radoniqi | University of Prishtina, Kosovo “Consociational Power: Sharing in Post-independence Kosovo”


// 24 SETEMBRO //

/ 9h /
PAINEL 6 | Transnational Religious Fundamentalism in Eurasia Ver gravação Parte 1 / Ver gravação Parte 2
Moderação de Paula Pereira da UAL, Portugal.

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Giuliano Bifolchi | University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
“The Impact of Jihadist Propaganda in the Russian Language: Analysis of

Marco Marsili | CEI-IUL, CIEP-UCP, CINAMIL, CIDIUM, Portugal
“Middle East Politics: Rightful and Legitimate Institutions or Terror Organizations?”

Hermínio Joaquim de Matos | Observare-UAL and ICPOL-ISCPSI, Portugal
“After all, Rome does Pay to Traitors: The Return of Foreign Terrorist Fighters to Europe”

Maria João Tomás | Observare-UAL, Portugal
“”Islamic nationalism” and “Persia nationalism” in Iran”

Francisco Jorge Gonçalves & Verónica Martins | Portuguese Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection, Portugal
“Should Senior Members in the Police and Security Forces be qualified as Politically Exposed Person?”

PAINEL 7 | Internal and External Rivalries on Eurasian Politics Ver gravação
Moderação de Daniel Cardoso da UAL, Portugal.

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Onel Ioan-David | National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania
“Balancing in Central Asia: Russia-China at Regional Level in Realist Perspective”

Selim Yilmaz | University of Nottingham, UK
“China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A Neorealist Analysis on State Behaviour”

Tianyi Liu | University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
“The Geopolitical View of The European Union and China’s tThe Belt and Road Initiative”

Andrey Kinyakin | Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) Universitat Potsdam, Germany
“The “Greater Eurasian Partnership”: Assessing the Integration Potential of Meta-regionalism”

/ 11h /
PAINEL DISCUSSÃO 1 | Impacts of Covid-19 on Greater Eurasia Ver gravação
Moderação de Luís Nuno Rodrigues, Director of Center for International Studies (CEI-ISCTE/IUL), Portugal.

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Andrea Carteny | The Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Bruno CArdoso Reis | ISCTE-IUL, Portugal
Luis Tomé | UAL, Portugal
Mark Meirowitz | SUNY Maritime College, USA
Marlene Laruelle | The George Washington University, USA

/ 14h30 /
PAINEL 8 | Great Power Politics in Search for New World Order Ver gravação
Moderação de Pedro Seabra do CEI, Portugal.

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Pogacian Adrian | ReThinking Europe
“Great Power Rivalry in Central Asia: New Strategy, Old Game”

Andrew K P Leung | International Consultants & Investments, Hong Kong
“How will Eurasian Integration of China’s Belt & Road Initiative fare in defending a Multipolar World Order?”

Ana Isabel Xavier | Observare-UAL, Portugal
“CSTO & EAEU and the Path to a New Eurasia: Return or Retreat?”

Paulo Duarte | Observare-UAL, Portugal
“Which Regionalism for Central Asia? The Challenges of China’s, the U.S.’s and Russia’s Integration Projects in Central Asia”

Ekrem Ok & Ozgur Tufekci | Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, Turkey & CESRAN international, UK
“Transformation of Humanitarian Intervention: A Comparative Perspective, 1945-2020

PAINEL 9 | Enduring Conflicts in Eurasia Ver gravação
Moderação de Ayla Gol da CESRAN International, UK and Nottingham University, UK.

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Bezen Coskun | Swp Berlin Centre for Applied Turkish Studies, Germany
“Anatomy of a De Facto State: Abkhazia between Societal and Economic Security”

Javadbay Khalilzade | Kent State University, UK
“Reassessing Georgian South-Ossetia Conflict: The ARIA Framework as a Possible Conflict Resolution”

Rahimullah Kakar | European University of Flensburg, Germany
“An Assessment of the Brussels Conference on Afghanistan: The Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Puzzle”

Ebru Birinci | Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
“Change and Continuity in Russian Middle Eastern Policy: Israeli Vector”

Matthew Lubin | Duke University, USA
“Ebussuud Efendi’s Cyprus Fatwa and Ottoman Justifications for War”

Elena Onu | The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (SNSPA), Romania
“Impact of Unresolved Conflicts in Ukraine and Georgia on the Euro-Atlantic or Eurasian Orientation of the Two Countries – Comparative Study”


// 25 SETEMBRO //

/ 9h /
PAINEL 10 | Neighbours of the EU: What is Wrong with it? Ver gravação
Moderação de Ricardo Sousa da UAL, Portugal.

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Timea Pál | CEI-IUL, Portugal
“Differentation in the EU’s Relations with Eastern Neighbours: What Implications for the Promotion of Labour Standards?”

Seray Kilic | Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
“Building Resilience in the Neighbourhood: Securitization on the Agenda”

Josif Gjani & Jonida Balla | University of Tirana, Albania
“The EU after Brexit: New Options for Differentiated Integration?”

Ana Belén Perianes | University Institute General Gutiérrez Mellado, IUGM-UNED, Sapin
“Challenges and prospects for Future of the EU Relations in Central Asia: The Special Case of Kazakhstan”

/ 11h /
PAINEL DISCUSSÃO 2 | NATO’s Challenges in View of the Future Strategic Concept Ver gravação
Moderação de Helena Carreiras, Director of the Portuguese National Defense Institute, Portugal.

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Huseyin Bagci | Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Luís Valença Pinto | UAL, Portugal
Maria Raquel Freire | The University of Coimbra, Portugal
Nuno Severiano Teixeira | NOVA University, Portugal
Rafael Calduch Cervera | The Complutense University, Spain

/ 16h30 /
PAINEL Book Discussion | America in Afghanistan: Foreign Plicy and Decision Making From Bush to Obama to Trump Ver gravação
O painel contou com a participação do autor do livro e de Rahman Dag da CESRAN International, UK, como moderador.


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