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NEW ISSUE – JANUS NET, e-journal of international relations – Vol.13, n.1 (May-October 2022)


In the first issue of Volume 13 (May-October 2022) we present a very varied and wide range of texts in terms of thematic areas, methodologies followed and cases analysed: 13 scientific articles; 3 reflection notes and 2 critical reviews. The Articles section frames approaches centred on the political topic, through the analysis of contemporary democracies and the deregulation processes made possible by digital via and with international impact, in the evolutive approach of the party importance, the growing valorisation of paradiplomacy, the security strategy or the desecuritisation in the fight against drug traffic. Juridical analyses gain prominence with a focus on the right to health, privacy and the recognition of rights of nature, including framed by the climate crisis and implications of the Paris Agreement. In this issue, the economic and financial approach of international scope is also privileged. The cases analysed in this issue are geographically diverse, namely Russia, China, the European Union, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Iran. In the Notes section, the reflection is oriented by the preservation of the European cultural heritage, the concept of international anarchy and also the digital resolution of disputes. In the section dedicated to critical reviews, two recent works are presented: one by Emrah Akyüz on nuclear power and human rights in Japan; and another on the challenges of contemporary democracies by Daniel Innerarity.


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