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16/Feb – 30/May 2023

This cycle of lectures on “Europe and Asia: Constructions and Interactions” aims to understand and explain the dynamics of the relationship between Europe and Asia in its multiple dimensions, focusing on the contribution of that relationship to the mutual knowledge of peoples and to the enrichment of the societies of the two Continents and the World.

The cycle includes 15 lectures by prestigious national and foreign scholars, between February and May 2023, at UAL, spread over 14 sessions, covering a wide range of themes. Through the reflections presented by the speakers and the debates, the aim is to give the participants a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the pluralism and richness of the ties that link Europe and Asia, as well as their potential for building a common future.


Coordination and organisation
Luis Tomé (UAL) and Daniel Cardoso (UAL)

Coordination support
Tiago Marquês (UAL)

A certificate of attendance will be issued after the end of the cycle, in digital format, to be sent by e-mail, upon attendance in at least 75% of the lectures (11 out of 14 sessions).

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