Giuseppe Motta

PhD Researcher

Giuseppe Motta works as Assistant Professor at Sapienza University of Rome where he teaches Eastern European History and Modern History. He has obtained a PhD degree in European History at the same university in December 2005 and has worked as contract professor also in the following universities: Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca (2003-2005, Romania), Viterbo (2003), Mostar (2008, Bosnia-Hercegovina) and Bergamo (2005-2009).

His researches have been focused on the history of national minorities in Central-Eastern Europe and on the impact of nationality question in the system of international relations. He has participated in numerous research projects such as PRIN 2008 as principal investigator of one of the research groups, or as principal investigator in the University Researches supported by Sapienza in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He has otherwise cooperated with Italian and foreign organizations such as Istituto di Studi politici S. Pio V of Rome; Istituto Jacques Maritain of Rome and Trieste, Dizionario biografico degli italiani Treccani, Historical Department of the Italian Army’s General Staff in Rome. He has been editor in chief of the review “Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, he is member of the scientific council of the Institute for Italian-Romanian Studies of Cluj (Romania) and of the PHD course in European History at Sapienza University.

His works include the books: The Legacy of the First World War. The Minority Question in Transylvania, Petru Maior University Press, Targu Mures 2014; Less than Nations. Central-Eastern European Minorities after WWI, 2.vols, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, 2013; Robie. La schiavitù dei rom in Valacchia e Moldavia, Aracne, Roma, 2013; The Italian Military Governorship in South Tyrol and the Rise of Fascism, NuovaCultura, Roma, 2012; The Transylvanian Dispute after the First World War, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken 2012; Ardeal. Le origini della Transilvania romena, Nuova Cultura, Roma 2011; Le minoranze nel XX secolo. Dallo Stato nazionale all’integrazione europea, ed. FrancoAngeli, Milano 2006; Un rapporto difficile. Romania e Stati Uniti nel periodo interbellico, FrancoAngeli, Milano 2006; Viaggiando nelle terre romene. Italiani ed europei nei principati, Settecittà, Viterbo 2004.

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