Fatih Tayfur

PhD Researcher

Associate Professor of International Relations at Middle East Technical University.

He got his PhD in 1997 from the LSE.

Its activity over the last 20 years has focused on teaching and research on Foreign Policy Analysis, International Political Economy, Southern Europe and Euro-Mediterranean Relations.

Between 2001 and 2009, he was Vice-President of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

He is the author of Semiperipheral Development and Foreign Policy. The Cases of Greece and Spain” Ashgate, (2003).

His latest publication, “The Debt Crisis of Southern Europe in a Historical Context: Greece, Spain and Portugal” is included in Z.Onis, F. Senses, C. Bakir (eds.) Global Crisis and New Economic Order, (2013).

His publications on Euro-Mediterranean relations include “Turkish Perceptions of Security and Migrations” in M.C. Henriques and M. Khachani (eds.) Security and Migrations in the Mediterranean, Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2006; “Security and the Mediterranean” Security Dialogue, Vol.36, No2, June 2005; “Security and Cooperation in the Mediterranean” Perceptions, Vol.V, No3, September-November 2000, “Turkish Perceptions of the Mediterranenan”, EuroMesCo Papers, No.8, Lisbon: IEEI, 2000.

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