Artur Victoria


Trained lawyer, President of an Educational Foundation, Representative of Brazilian institutions in Europe either involved in military subjects (ADESG) either commercial and industrial – (the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of South America).
Researcher in geopolitics and national defense.

Actually involved in a number of professional activities of several areas like international partnerships having in common development and cooperation.

Author of books, essays and articles concerning my actual activity and my passed professional experience.

Professionally, gives universities lectures, conferences, and expertise assessments.

* Skills and Expertise: Strategic studies and advise, Organizations leadership and organization management, International Business ventures and contacts, research on crimes connected with National Defense and president of several nonprofit institutions.

* Past experience focused on Fund raising, National Defense institutions, social and economic development in new democracies and E-Learning methods for African countries.

Publicações mais recentes

VICTORIA, Artur (2022), Ética. O Estado. A Pessoa. Edições Esgotadas, 240 pp. ISBN 978-989-9092-23-5. Publisher website:

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