Ana Quaresma

PhD Researcher

PhD in Economics, specialising in Business Economics, at UAL – Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, where she is an assistant professor in the Economic and Business Sciences department. She is the Scientific Coordinator of the Degree in Economics and is a member of the Scientific Committee of that department.

Holder of the title of Specialist, of recognized experience and professional competence, in the area of Management and Administration training, Master in Business Management with specialization in Planning and Business Strategy by UAL – Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and graduated in Banking Management by ISGB – Instituto Superior de Gestão Bancária.

The line of research specializes in the subject of Corporate Governance with international publications in the area.

In addition to his teaching activities, he also worked in Banking, from 1988 to 2016, with relevance in the areas of Capital Markets, Tax Reclaims and International Division.

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