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The event takes place on Thursday 16 February at 18h30, Auditorium 1.

The Mediterranean is a key region in terms of security and geopolitics. It is a centre of tension and conflict for many different countries, cultures and religions, as it is a strategic location for many of the world’s major powers, being a gateway between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Against this backdrop, in recent years the Mediterranean has become a particularly important region for global security, as it serves as an important sea route for oil and other goods. Moreover, this region has also been the site of numerous civil wars and political tensions, resulting in numerous migratory flows towards the Old Continent.

Based on these premises, the Specialisation Course “Geopolitics and Security of the Mediterranean” was created. The Closing Session of the 1st Edition of this course aims, from the modules and reflections associated with the training in question, to try to understand and discuss all the complexity of one of the regions with the greatest impact on geopolitics and global security.

To this end, we count, as speakers, on experts from different bodies and States that assume predominant roles in the “Mediterranean chess”.


Efstathios Mainas (Senior Strategic Analyst, Frontex);
Inés Bolanos Somoano (Researcher, EUI);
Firas Sassi (Senior Director of National Security and Geo-Strategies, IPASSS);

Paulo Sande (IEP-UCP);
Isabel David (IO-ISCSP);
Pedro Oliveira (MOM-MNE);
Ambassador Marta Betanzos Roig (Spanish Ambassador in Portugal).

Moderation: Filipe Domingues (IPDAL).
Coordination: Diogo Alexandre Carapinha

This initiative is part of the closing session of the Mediterranean Geopolitics and Security Course.

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