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COURSE | Advanced Studies in Geopolitics (IDN-UAL)

Geopolitics – a scientific discipline that is little more than a century old, assumed primarily as the Spatial Dimension of Politics – is a vital instrument for understanding and explaining the complex reality that surrounds us.

The Course of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics, launched in a partnership between the Institute of National Defence (IDN) and the Autonomous University of Lisbon (UAL), aims precisely at the in-depth understanding of the behaviour and interactions of Communities, States and Regions far beyond the “foam of days”.

It combines, “quantum satis”, the Physical, Human and Economic Geographies, with the “laws” of Geopolitics – in its various perspectives – as well as History, Culture, Strategy, Political Science or International Relations, all under the serene, omnipresent and never neutral gaze of the geographical stage where the life of the peoples takes place.

The Course will take place in person at the premises of IDN Lisbon and IDN Porto. Those residing or working in other Districts of the Country or abroad may attend remotely/online via zoom.

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