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Conference – Security: from Europe to the Indo-Pacific – 03 March


Since the end of the last decade, the global economic landscape has been deteriorating, in several areas, from increasing CO2 emissions and the Covid-19 pandemic, to breakdowns in parts of the production and distribution chains. This scenario, already complex, has been aggravated since the beginning of this decade by shortages in energy supply and rising inflation and foreign debt, affecting more and less developed countries – the latter having to deal in parallel with humanitarian problems and the need to modernise their economies.

Added to these circumstances are growing security concerns in various parts of the world, from the Indo-Pacific regions to Europe, in the latter case with greater gravity since February 2022, given the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the return of war to European territory.

This framework unfolds in contexts of the erosion of multilateralism and growing rivalry and competition between great powers. A still diffuse international order is in formation, with implications for the respect of commonly agreed rules, in a scenario of increasing multipolarities and appetites for power games.


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