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Book | Em torno do Pensamento de Luís Moita: Humanismo e Relações Internacionais

This book, deliberately entitled “Around the Thought of Luís Moita: Humanism and International Relations”, is not intended to serve any laudatory or biographical purpose of the figure of Professor Luís Moita. It is a book that brings together contributions from people who worked closely with him and who had the privilege of deepening themes of common interest, which were constituted as places of sharing motivations and intellectual concerns, aiming at the scientific deepening of these issues.

These contributions were mainly centred around two fundamental aspects: the humanist dimension and the international relations dimension. Both are recognised as always present in the spirit and in the civic, academic and professional practice of Luís Moita. This is an orientation that was discussed with him and accepted by him, although perhaps more rigorously it should be said that it was imposed by him, thus giving translation to his refusal of encomiastic records to favour reflection and knowledge on different themes within the broad spectra of Humanism and International Relations.

Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that with this work we have all somehow had the opportunity to extend our relationship, our recognition and our gratitude towards the figure of Luís Moita. That was certainly the happy reward for all of us.

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