The Associação Portuguesa de Prospectiva will hold a Cycle of Conferences that will be developed in three thematic moments. The selected themes take into consideration global current events, projecting them into probable scenarios of prospective analysis that may define possible futures for Humanity. These visions are proposed as elements of great importance and interest in defining strategic guidelines for any institution, society or region.

The conferences will start at 18h30 and will last 1 hour and 30 minutes, including debate, and will be held online through the Zoom platform:

  • 9 October – “Elections in the United States: Alternatives for the Future” – Professor Álvaro Vasconcelos;
  • 19 November – “The New Sino-American Order, But Not Only” – Professor Luís Tomé;
  • 11 December – “The Resilience of China and the Cooperation between Economic Partners in the New Silk Road beyond Ideological Divergences” – Professor Fernanda Ilhéu.

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