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Call for papers: Special issue of JANUS.NET, e-journal of International Relations

Francisco Leandro: (University of Macau)
Kaian Lam: (University of Macau)
Yichao Li: (Zhejiang Normal University)

Special Issue 1: Brazil, China and International Relations
Submission of article ready for review by June 2024

Brazil is a major economy of Latin America that acts with increasing prominence on the global economic and political stage. Brazil has over 200 million people. It is a member of international groups as diverse as G20, Mercosur and BRICS. Brazil has diversified sectors and abundant natural resources. It continues to be a global leader in the export of agricultural commodities and present promising economic growth indicators. The country has also in recent decades managed to expand its industries and service sector, attracting both domestic and foreign investments. The political landscape of Brazil is a complex one. While the country has witnessed economic growth and social progress, it has also been confronted with major challenges related to social inequality, corruption and political trust. Against this background, JANUS.NET, e-journal of International Relations will be publishing a special issue that discusses Brazil in a greater context. It is hoped that this initiative will bring together experts and scholars interested in the Federative Republic of Brazil and its international forays, asking what the future holds for emerging partners hailing from as far as the People’s Republic of China.

We call for:
• New approaches for the study of Brazil with a focus on world engagement preparedness
o Novel epistemologies and conceptualizations that advance our knowledge of Brazil and its preparedness for engagement;
o Studies of Brazil that address “the modern international” using innovative and unconventional IR methods;
o Up-to-date studies of Brazil by humanistic social sciences scholars that also pertain to “the modern international”;
o Studies of Brazil that actively engage with the latest Global South, Feminist and Post-Humanist epistemologies;
• Studies on Brazil with a focus on Chinese presence, engagement and interests; • Studies that highlight the knowledge produced in Brazil / the South Atlantic that is also applicable to our understanding of Chinese action in the world; • Studies that advance our understanding of Global China and its global engagement;
• Studies that put Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Lusophone Studies and other area studies in conversation;
• Historicized transcontinental studies of agency and identity that promote greater awareness of world connectivity and interdependence; Scholars may use qualitative, quantitative and mixed method approaches. They may be interested in different subjects and based in different parts of the world. While we may expect greater interest from International Relations scholars, we are open also to submissions from other members of the learned community. They are expected to place Brazil and its connections with the outside world, especially Asian partners such as China, at the center of their analysis. It is hoped that the special issues will be published in December 2024. Important notes:
• The article should be written in good, scholarly English.
• Interested authors are welcome to discuss their ideas with the editors before they prepare their first draft.
• For additional information and administrative matters, you may send an email, in either English or Portuguese, to Kaian Lam (
• Your article should be ready for review no later than June 2024.
• Submission may be directed to Kaian Lam’s mailbox (

We look forward to receiving your proposals!
Guest editors:
Francisco Leandro: (University of Macau)
Kaian Lam: (University of Macau)
Yichao Li: (Zhejiang Normal University)

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