Vol. 2, n.2 (Autumn 2011)


Autumn 2011, Vol. 2, n. 2 (PDF full text)

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Some trends and perspectives on globalization, economic growth, equality, and development
Giuseppe Ammendola
Two decades after the Rio Earth Summit: sustainable development quo vadis?
Korinna Horta
Europe - the geopolitics of disunion
José Manuel Freire Nogueira
Non-Governmental organizations in the mediation of violent intra-state conflict: the confrontation between theory and practice in the Mozambican peace process
Carlos Branco
The aviation industry corporation of China (AVIC) and the research and development programme of the J-20
Alexandre Carriço
The International Criminal Court. reflections for a stress test on its foundations
Mateus Kowalski

Notes and Reflections

BRIC countries: Brazil, an emerging power
Nancy Elena Ferreira Gomes
Europe/Africa Cooperation
Hermínio Esteves
The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union - the role of the Court of Justice in the jurisdiction of fundamental rights
Cristina Crisóstomo

Critical Reviews

Kagawa, Fumiyo et Selby, David (ed) (2011). Education and Climate Change. Living and learning in interesting times. New York: Routledge: 259 pp.
Brígida Rocha Brito