Vol.7, n.2 (November 2016 - April 2017)

Vol. 7, n. 2 (November2016 - April 2017) (PDF full text)

JANUS.NET, e-journal of International Relationsis a scientific and peer-reviewed magazine published exclusively online, bilingual, with free access and free of charge, published by OBSERVARE – Observatório de Relações Exteriores (Observatory for External Relations), which is a research unit in International Relations of theUniversidade Autónoma de Lisboa.


Discourse and international relations: a theoretical and methodological approach PDF
Luísa Godinho
Idealism and realism in International Relations: an ontological debate PDF
Vitor Ramon Fernandes
The limits of forgiveness in International Relations: groups supporting the Yasukuni shrine in Japan and political tensions in East Asia
María del Pilar Álvarez, María del Mar Lunaklick e Tomás Muñoz
The debate on the relationship between globalization, poverty and inequality: A critical overview PDF
Vicente Valentim
On the constitutional order in/of Italian fascism PDF
Pedro Velez
The social production of communication when the world becomes globalized
Olivia Velarde Hermida e Francisco Bernete García
Lusophone Interfaces: The Lusophone Network on Facebook PDF
Inês Amaral e Silvino Lopes Évora
International climate framework in the making: The role of the BASIC countries in the negotiations towards the Paris Agreement
Maria del Pilar Bueno e Gonzalo Pascual

Critical review

Wight, Martin (2002). Power Politics. Brasilia: University of Brasilia Press: 329 pp. ISBN: ISBN: 85-230-0040-2 PDF
Matheus Gonzaga Teles