Vol.6, n.1 (May - October 2015)


Vol. 6, n. 1 (May - October 2015) (PDF full text)

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The Internal-External nexus in the security narrative of the European Union PDF
Ana Paula Brandão  
The Two World Wars as Evidence of the Absence of International Anarchy PDF
António Horta Fernandes  
Opinion Tribunals and the Permanent People's Tribunal PDF
Luís Moita  
Portugal’s interest in the context of security and defence policy and maritime affairs. Some theoretical considerations as part of the relationship between Portugal and the European Union PDF
Jaime Ferreira da Silva  
Social problems: the demographic emergency in Uruguay PDF
Virginia Delisante Morató  
Cyberspace regulation: cesurist and traditionalists PDF
Lino Santos  
Energy on the public agenda: changes in Bolivia with impact on adjoining countries PDF
Natalia Ceppi  
The «Islamic State»: trajectory and reach a year after its self proclamation as a «Caliphate» PDF
Luís Tomé  

Notes and Reflections

The Prosecutor in international criminal justice PDF
Almiro Rodrigues