Vol.5, n.1 (May - October 2014)


Vol. 5, n. 1 (May - October 2014) (PDF full text)

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Brazil’s fight against narcotraffic in the border with Colombia. An approach to the restrains of non-traditional threats over foreign policy PDF
Emilse Calderón  
The stormy waters of the International Criminal Court: universal fight against impunity or liberal universalization? PDF
Mateus Kowalski  
Ukraine, EU and Russia: soft power versus Realpolitik? PDF
Pedro Barata  
Central Asia: the bends of history and geography PDF
Paulo Duarte  
Manganese Countries PDF
Maria Sousa Galito  
A strategy within the context of the Arab Spring to strenghten Portuguese energy security regarding import of hydrocarbon from Algeria PDF
Emanuel Sebastião  
The weight of «tradition» in multilateral commercial negotiations. The argentinian case during the Doha Round PDF
Julieta Zelicovich  
Application of «thematic analysis» to a set of businesses success stories in tge internationalizaton process PDF
Gonçalo Brás  

Critical review

Gulbenkian Think Tank on water and the future of Humanity (2014). «Water and the future of Humanity. Revisiting Water Security». London: Springer PDF
Brígida Rocha Brito