Vol.5, n.2 (November - April 2015)


Vol. 5, n. 2 (November - April 2015) (PDF full text)

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The International Criminal Court and the evolution of the idea of combating impunity: an assessment 15 years after the Rome Conference PDF
Patrícia Galvão Teles  
The International Criminal Court and the construction of International Public Order PDF
Sofia Santos  
“War is a racket!” The emergence of the libertarian discourse about World War I in the United States PDF
Alexandre Fonseca  
War as a continuation of politics by other means... unmanned PDF
João Paulo Vicente  
From war to peace. The contribution of military corps with police functions: the GNR in Iraq PDF
Pedro Miguel Duarte da Graça  
On the dual and paradoxical role of media: Messengers of the dominant ideology and vehicles of disruptive speech PDF
José Rebelo  

Notes and reflections

Cities and Regions: paradiplomacy in Portugal PDF
Helena Curto, Luís Moita, Brígida Brito, Célia Quintas, Maria Sousa Galito