Vol.4, n.1 (May-October 2013)


Vol. 4, n. 1 (May-October 2013) (PDF full text)

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The Reform of the Military Instruments and Authority of the United Nations Security Council in the Implementation of Military Enforcement Measures
Sofia Santos  
“Brazil power and multinational corporation”: Brazilian multinational corporations, foreign policy and the international insertion of Brazil. An analysis based on the contributions of Robert Gilpin PDF
Esteban Actis  
European integration, federalism and the role of Portugal (1960-2002) PDF
Paulo Vicente  
The legislative actor in the Nobel era: quo vadis EU? PDF
Ana Isabel Xavier  
Back to the future: Aerial Warfare in Libya PDF
João Vicente  
Epistemic communities: study on the regulation of the use of stem cells in Brazil PDF
Lourrene de C. Alexandre Maffra