Vol.3, n.1 (Spring 2012)


Vol. 3, n. 1 (Spring 2012) (PDF full text)

JANUS.NET, e-journal of International Relations, is a scientific and peer-reviewed magazine published exclusively online, bilingual, with free access and free of charge, published by OBSERVARE – Observatório de Relações Exteriores (Observatory for External Relations), which is a research unit in International Relations of the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa.




From Deregulation to decentering in the South Atlantic and the construction of «Lusofonia» PDF
Armando Marques Guedes  
Global cosmopolitan economics, the euro and the Portuguese economy PDF
Manuel Farto  
Portugal: participation in peace missions as a factor of external credibility PDF
Maria do Céu Pinto  
Humanitarian law: the controversial historical construction of a universal moral PDF
Soraya Nour Sckell  
The strategies of Portuguese civil society organizations in the field of the environment PDF
Brígida Rocha Brito  
When a diplomat goes into politics because of war. The case of João Chagas (1910-1914) PDF
Luís Alves Fraga  

Notes and reflections

First OBSERVARE International Conference: International trends and Portugal’s position PDF
Luís Moita  
Operational art: from Napoleon Bonaparte to John Warden PDF
Fernando Leitão  
Emerging middle powers and global security challenges: the case of Brazil and Turkey – implications for Portugal PDF
Evanthia Balla  
Organized crime makes swindling go global PDF
René Tapia  

Bibliographic review

Dunoff, Jeffrey; Trachtman, Joel (eds.) (2009). Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law, and Global Governance. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press PDF
Mateus Kowalski