Vol. 2, n. 1 (Spring 2011) (PDF full text)

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Positive equilibrium in U.S.A. - China relations: durable or not? PDF
Robert Sutter  

European identity – supranational citizenship

Paula Marques Santos, Mónica Silva  
Europe's fight for space - a new challenge PDF
Ana Baltazar  

NATO'S new strategic concept: a critical view

Rafael Calduch Cervera

Learning to build a sustainable peace: "local ownership" and peacebuilding practices. The case of justice reform in Haiti

Amélie Gauthier, Madalena Moita

Social networks: communication and change

Gustavo Cardoso, Cláudia Lamy
People and Knowledge management in organizations: challenges of the next decades PDF
João Paulo Feijoo

Notes and reflections

International Relations, History and Strategy: conflict as explanatory dynamics

Luís Alves de Fraga  
The portuguese crisis, international rescue and economic growth PDF
Manuel Farto, Henrique Morais  
 Portugal 2010: The Return of the country of emigration? PDF
Jorge Malheiros

Bolívar, 200 years later

Nancy Helena Ferreira Gomes

Bibliographic Review

Barbé, Esther (Director) (2010). La Unión Europea más allá de sus fronteras. Hacia la transformación del Mediterrâneo y Europa Oriental?. Madrid: Tecnos: 196 pp.

Rita Duarte  
Blair, Tony (2010). A Journey. London: Hutchinson: 718 pp. PDF
Evanthia Balla  
Rajan, Raghuram G.  (2011). Linhas de Fractura – As fracturas escondidas que ameaçam a economia mundial (Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy). Lisbon: Babel: 429 pp. ISBN 978-972-22-3024-7 (Translated by Carla Pedro) PDF
Amadeu Paiva